The Associated Student Government (ASG) is a student-run governing body at UConn Waterbury. ASG is the voice of the students, and represents the best interests of the campus community by offering education and entertainment services, supporting and recognizing student initiatives via registered clubs and organizations, and providing effective means of communication between the student body and campus administration and faculty.

How can you help?

The ASG is always seeking motivated students to join! Simply visit ASG-Waterbury on UConntact and request membership to receive the latest news and updates. Members can create future event ideas, volunteer during programs, and help build an inclusive environment.


How can you become a Senator?

Students interested in becoming a voting member of the organization must run for Senate. Senators have a greater deal of responsibility than a member. They are expected to attend all ASG meetings, participate in committees, and vote on ASG business when appropriate. Elections typically take place during the Fall (to fill any vacant seats) and Spring (for the following year). Interested students can contact the Student Activities Coordinator, Nathan Emery (nathan.emery@uconn.edu), for more information.

Download the Fall 2023 Election Packet here!